Salford MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Training Facility

Our timetable

Salford MMA is open 7 days a week with classes covering the whole day, so wake up or end your day with a training session.

Our classes

Salford MMA has a class for everyone, whether you are just looking to get fit or get serious then there is class for you.

About us

We are a full time gym based in Faulkner House, Elm Street, (along the A6) Swinton in Salford.

Salford MMA is a full time gym based in Swinton in Salford

High level instruction is available in the form of daily classes or private 1 to 1 tuition as well as open mat training and bookings for groups are also available. Whether you are training for self defense, fitness or as a career fighter; Salford MMA is perfect for you with seasoned, experienced coaches and full fighter management programme from Amateur to Professional level.

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We're Salford's Original and Premier
Mixed Martial Arts Training camp